Types of Claims

* Military training accidents
* Military combat accidents
* Friendly fire incidents
* Inadequate/faulty equipment and machinery* Sports injuries
* Non-freezing cold injuries/Cold Foot Injuries – NFCI
* Hearing loss
* Road Traffic Accidents
* Chemical accidents
* Fatal accidents
* Boxing injuries

*Parachuting accidents
* Exposure to harmful substances, such as asbestos

* Criminal Injuries


*Data Privacy

*Sexual Assault


* Bullying & Harassment

* Medical Negligence

* Social Workers Negligence and breaches of confidentiality (HCPC)

Claim for an Injury

You may be able claim compensation for your pain and suffering caused by the injury and illness. In addition you can claim for any past and future financial losses such as:-

* Past and future loss of earnings
* Delay or loss of promotion
* Pension loss
* Care costs
* Aid and equipment you might need
* Future treatment costs
* Adapted housing