Liberty lambasted what it called a “boys’ club” approach to justice in the armed forces “that prevents the impartial and effective investigation” of grave offences.

A former Royal Marine has been awarded more than £500,000 damages for hearing loss suffered during his service.

Alistair Inglis, 39, from Plymouth, said his hearing had been affected by weapon and vehicle noise
The judge ruled that the MOD must pay Mr Inglis £545,766.60, including more than £200,000 to cover future loss of earnings and just over £280,000 for future loss of pension.

Judge Marquand said an application by the MOD for permission to appeal against his ruling had been refused.
Mr Inglis’ lawyers said after the ruling that they have more than 2,200 other cases and are being contacted by service personnel with debilitating hearing problems on a daily basis.

Wife of war hero who had PTSD sues British Army over his death

Grieving parents of RAF aircraftman believe son was murdered on base as they slam military bullying

MoD stops using toxic Chromium paint on tanks – Dutch Armed Forces paid compensation 

Does the MoD know how many former personnel have potentially been exposed to the paint at harmful levels? And while it is welcome to hear that it was latterly only applied in specific circumstances and with appropriate protection, I would be surprised if this was always the case: when did the MoD begin to take these precautions?”

SEX INQUIRY One hundred women in the armed forces have been ‘sexually assaulted’

Ministry of Defence launches inquiry into sex abuse and inappropriate behaviour following spate of incidents

RAF medic, 33, who grabbed a colleague’s breasts is fined £800

British Army soldier was shot by the Taliban, now he feels country has turned its back on him


Six soldiers arrested after sleeping army girl, 17, was ‘assaulted in a sex attack’

Rape and sexual assaults at Military Police Trainung School being investigated

A shock recording of a Commander in the Royal Navy teasing a colleague suffering with a mental health condition and forcing them into tears has recently emerged for what is a huge embarrassment for the Royal Navy.

Bloody Sunday: 17 former British soldiers to find out whether they face charges

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) have lost an appeal to have a landmark decision on discrimination against independence supporters overturned.

Depression among British soldiers TRIPLES as mental health crisis grips forces.

Former British Gurkhas have rejected the United Kingdom government’s announcement of an increased support package, stating the announcement does not address their demand for equal treatment.

Commonwealth veterans face UK visa fees and deportation

Former Royal Marine reaches agreement with MoD after suing for hearing loss

Ex-rifleman, 25, who was shot in head by an Afghanistan sniper is broke and living in his car


Brigadier denies being apologist for Deepcut barracks regime of ‘violence, threats and intimidation’ at inquest into gunshot death of 17-year-old soldier

It’s a cop out’ – Former Army Major from Scarborough speaks out about government row into recording military veteran suicides

Two Sandhurst cadets deny beating fellow Army recruit following probe nto ‘waterboarding’ at famous academy

The family of a 17-year-old soldier found shot dead at Deepcut barracks have made fresh claims they believe he was murdered.

Military veteran ‘accused of killing innocent people by Specsavers employee’

Mental Health Care – Armed Forces  Part two

Defence Select Committee – Service Complaints

Veterans crisis: How our investigation revealed how Britain was turning a ‘blind eye’ to suicide rate in ex-troops

Key army reports ‘hidden’ from new Deepcut inquest

RAF hero sues MoD for £1m after they ‘broke promise to pay him a full pension’

Falkirk MP’s outrage over knockback to ‘soldiers’ trade union’ plan

How DID this war hero police officer end up sleeping rough on the street?: Shocking story that shows why – one year on – the helpline we fought for is needed more than ever

Female cadet Olivia Perks, 21, found dead at Sandhurst military academy in apparent suicide ‘after senior officers quizzed her over a drunken night out’ is named.

In some positive news from the MOD on Veterans – Defence Secretary extends housing offer to Veterans/Service leavers can now access military accommodation for up to 12 months.

Sandhurst cadets who allegedly ‘waterboarded’ Army recruit charged

Ollie Ollerton on his lowest moment. The ex-SAS man talks about the military, mental wealth and functioning on chaos

The Army’s diversity poster girl is ‘racially abused’ by six white soldiers who posted offensive comments on social media

I’m truly sorry’: Defence minister apologises to families ‘let down’ by government over armed forces suicides

Ex Soldier has admitted killing a Britain’s Got Talent star in a brutal knife attack.

Former Royal Marine Commando Bruce Wilson has been selected by the Liberal Democrats as the party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Edinburgh North and Leith.

Prince Harry raced back to London on £26,000 taxpayer-funded flight to have Valentine’s Day dinner with Meghan

Tesco has been found to be the most popular employer for former Army personnel, with about one in 100 ex-soldiers working for the supermarket straight after leaving the military, according to data from job site Indeed.

Former Royal Marine sues MoD for hearing loss, in case that could cost millions

Inquest told soldier ‘wanted to be in minor car crash to get some rest’

Black soldier wins record £500,000 in compensation from the MoD for having to play Taliban terrorist in Army training video

Acid attack survivor Katie Piper helps saves a veteran’s life after he threatens to kill himself on new TV show Famous and Fighting Crime. The episode follows Katie, 35, as she joins the ranks of Cambridge Constabulary as a special constable, attending crimes across the county with a team of serving officers. In one dramatic moment Katie helps talk down an ex-soldier with PTSD

Private Mhairi Burnet, 28, was found dead in Bordon, Hampshire, last year. Royal Military Police Officers found Ms Burnet, who is from Fife, Scotland, after concerns were raised for her well being.

Female cadet, 21, is found dead at the elite Sandhurst military academy in an apparent suicide ‘after senior officers quizzed her over a drunken night out’

British soldiers applications for anonymity at Ballymurphy inquests `straight out of theatre of the absurd

Three Grenadier Guards charged over robberies

RAF private, 26, ‘hacked MoD payroll system to steal £108,121 from 55 staff then laundered cash with help of Nando’s worker and three teenage school pupils’ 

Why were these troubled soldiers sent to ‘isolated’ base after horrors of war? Mother’s agony that son who lost five comrades in Afghanistan is one of two found hanged in three months

Inquest to begin into deaths of British soldiers at Co Down barracks

I held his hand as he asked me to let him die’: Afghan war hero’s widow reveals how PTSD destroyed her husband

How Afghanistan’s bloodiest summer is STILL claiming lives of British troops 10 years on as veterans are killing themselves in alarming numbers with the suicide rate in one army company a shocking 200 TIMES the average 

Army captain seen on CCTV groping drunk woman after his wife’s baby shower

Highly decorated’ British Army major, 51, who attacked his superior officer after drunkenly punching a captain at a family party while posted in Nigeria is docked £6,000-a-year in pay but allowed to keep his job.

Debt-ridden British soldier who turned to drink and drugs when his best friend was blown up in Afghanistan is jailed for three years for smuggling Calais Jungle migrants into UK in his car boot for £5,000 each.

Senior HMRC civil servant dismissed after claims of ‘sexual harassment and assault’

Declan ‘Whacker’ Duffy faces prospect of returning to Northern Ireland to continue life sentence for murder, he had been serving a term of life imprisonment for the murder of British army Sergeant Michael Newman in Derby City in 1992 when he was released on license by a Northern Irish parole board in March 2013.

Channel 4 today announces they are spending 60 Days on the Streets with ex-soldier and adventurer Ed Stafford.   Ed served his country as an Army captain and homelessness is an issue close to his heart given that around 13,000 ex-military personnel are homeless.

Derry four’ receive out of court pay out

Army accused of targeting children via gaming magazine

Ex-Royal Marines win award for app which helps veterans get employed


The 94-year-old D-Day veteran who has barely enough money to feed himself

Thirty-three Cypriot pensioners who claimed they were tortured by British forces during an armed uprising in the late 1950s are to be awarded £1m damages by the UK government.

Ex Gurkhas in swindon facing racially motivated abuse on daily basis says resident

Cornelia Oosthuizen has leg amputated to help with CRPS

Soldier hid £260k of MoD money in his airing cupboard and forgot about it for four months, court martial hear

British soldier who died from suspected suicide at Ballykinler ‘feeling down after Afghanistan deaths’, inquest hears

TOP Brass and MoD penpushers have been accused of “snubbing” Troubles veterans by refusing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of operations in Northern Ireland.

A former soldier is suing the Army after contracting Q fever in Afghanistan

A female soldier has been disciplined after sexually assaulting a male colleague on guard duty close to Windsor Castle. Trooper Corrie-Alice Holmes 25, molested her shocked comrade after returning to the regiment’s base in the early hours following a drunken night out.

Leeds fundraising fraudster who told cancer lies has Olympic torch seized to pay for his crimes

Sixteen squaddies get the boot from Army after ‘cocaine parties’ held at barracks in TWO different RLC units.

Capita Website – Our defence advisory board.  Our team of carefully selected and approved “former senior officers” and other ex-service personnel ensures the appropriate blend of ethos, military knowledge and lifestyle is engrained into the work we do on behalf of the MOD.

Tragedy of troops with no way back.  ALMOST twice as many veterans and serving soldiers took their own lives last year than servicemen died in the first Gulf War, say campaigners.

Woman who failed frontline infantry fitness test given a ‘pass’ by the Army until furious male soldiers who had completed course staged rebellion

MoD wanted to make Paras look less fierce on TV
The Ministry of Defence tried to censor a documentary about the Parachute Regiment – for fear that it made members of the regiment look too aggressive.

Instructor who reduced recruit to tears given MBE

An Army instructor who filmed a weeping female recruit as he verbally attacked her has been cleared of bullying – and awarded the MBE.
Sergeant Martin Hunt, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, berated her for her poor performance during bayonet training.

In shocking footage, YouTube channel, watched online more than 250,000 times, he describes the tearful recruit as ‘f****** weak’. After sarcastically feigning sympathy for her distress, he tries to trick her into thinking she has passed the test – only to launch another verbal attack. Despite calls for his dismissal, Sgt Hunt has been cleared after a seven-month investigation.

A British Army reservist was punched in the face, fracturing his jaw in three places, after being harangued for “killing Muslims” in Afghanistan.

New figures reveal changes to the UK’s veteran population

The MOD has released new projected figures on the numbers of ex-service personnel living in Great Britain over the next ten years.

The figures show that over the next ten years, the number of former service personnel in Great Britain is expected to decrease by around 1 million, to approximately 1.6 million by 2028. Estimates put the number of former service personnel currently residing in Britain at around 2.5 million.

From the information commissioner

Our View

After considering your concerns, we have now written to the MoD and explained that the GDPR mandates that an organisation must provide all personal data in response to a Subject Access Request (SAR) within one month of receiving a request. In view of fulfilling this statute, I have recommend that the MoD now reviews its handling of your SAR and takes the necessary steps to ensure that you are supplied with the copies information that you are seeking in this case.

Leigh Day – Day is MPs’ whipping boy, but they ignore claims he has won

Personnel With Mental Health Issues To Be Given Priority On Housing

Government proposals to give serving and former personnel with mental health issues priority in social housing.

We have a duty to ensure our heroic military personnel get the support they need when applying for a social home.

That’s why – under our plans – former service personnel suffering from PTSD or other mental illnesses will be prioritised for social housing. 

Distinguished judge suggests inquiry into RAF Lossiemouth tragedy may have been ‘required’

British Army FARCE: Force admits fifith of soldiers unfit for overseas action

Guardsman to resign in disgust after his picture was used below the word ‘snowflakes’ in a controversial recruitment campaign 

The army’s snowflake campaign actually patronises the young. Most young people understand that self-obsession is not a positive thing. Indeed, there are many young people who are idealistic and who are prepared to serve their communities. Yet instead of trying to harness the positive attributes of the young, this campaign infantilises would-be recruits

This really reveals the intellectual and emotional illiteracy of the people behind this recruitment campaign. 

More than 60,000 veterans are homeless, in prison or suffering with mental health conditions.

Royal Engineers are military’s biggest drug offenders as 80 soldiers in the unit failing tests in one year

Part of a £1.5million Army recruitment campaign for 2019, posters show six soldiers with labels of modern stereotypes, such as ‘phone zombies’ and ‘class clowns’ above the slogan ‘Your Army needs you’. Selfie-takers are lauded as self-confident, while the posters cry out for snowflakes as well as binge gamers and me me me millennials.

British soldiers living in barracks ‘not fit for animals’, says MP

Has MOD breached your contract or conditions of service (Royal protection officers take home £100,000 salaries after winning a claim against Scotland Yard over their ‘special escort’ allowance)

TROOPS’ DEATH TRAPS Fury as MoD cover-up is exposed, revealing thousands of soldiers are living in Grenfell-style fire traps, watchdog says.

British troops ‘need detailed brain scans to detect unseen injuries that can lead to PTSD and dementia’, says Commons Defence Select Committee head

African soldier sues MoD for £150,000 after accusing the Army of ‘failing to protect him’ from Britain’s winter chill 

Mum pens angry open letter to defence bosses over cuts she says hit soldiers’ grieving families

71 military personnel and veterans have taken their lives in 2018, ITV News understands

Johnny Mercer MP Criticises “Tokenistic” Approach To Veteran Care

Service Complaints Backlog Update

News Update

As of 29 November, we have 142 unallocated substance and maladministration cases, which is another increase in last month. 

Please do not let our backlog put you off approaching the Ombudsman. Your applications are important to us and we are doing our best to manage the backlog.

Prince William’s RAF Valley base shamed over bullying as soldiers reported for sleeping next to live weapons, former guard claims

Ex-Sergeant David Rowlands claimed that when soldiers found out he suffered with PTSD they would use firecrackers to ‘simulate gunshots’ and booby-trap office equipment

Alleged sexual assault on woman during chaotic scenes at Exeter Christmas party

It is claimed an Exeter lacrosse team ‘made a 20-strong human wall’ separating John Gandy’s staff and Royal Marine staff during an alleged incident

Hero Major Wayne Owers defuse 93 bombs in Afghanistan – but when he came back, he found his life would never be the same.

Star & Garter Charity – newest home in High Wycombe which will open in 2019 has been designed for the comfort and well-being of our residents. Specialist nursing and dementia care are offered in a relaxed, homely environment, where residents can enjoy the many activities, share their day with friends or enjoy time in the spacious lounges and landscaped gardens

Homeless Scottish veteran tells of his journey back to work

The family of a former soldier who took his own life have won a six-figure payout from NHS bosses who admitted a catalogue of failings in his care.

Bully victim who was driven to brink of suicide

Female Royal Navy officer is left with facial injuries after brawl at a top secret base that broke out when she was ‘mocked about women serving on submarines’ 

Ministry of Defence pledge £500k to kick-start study into veteran suicide crisis

£98k fraud Colonel’ acquitted as investigation labelled ‘flawed’

Soldier injured in Afghanistan ambush couldn’t even afford washing machine after being medically discharged